A new prescription
for savings

We understand you and your benefit
spending. Discover the data that reduces
costs and improves outcomes.

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RxTE is a new Rx benefit program for employers and employees

If you’re an employer, this is your opportunity to both reduce prescription drug costs and boost plan adherence in a way that adds up to better healthcare for your employees.

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Customize your program to your needs

RxTE is flexible and integrates seamlessly with your existing benefits program—so your goals for your organization and your employees aren’t disrupted by a change in plans.

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Reduce costs and boost savings

Employers who use RxTE see savings from 20 to 45 percent on benefit spending, while employees can save between 12 and 15 percent on prescription costs.

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You’ll see exactly where you save with transparent reporting

We help both employers and employees maximize their savings with regular updates and reports that are easy to access and understand.

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We’re always here to help

You’ll get world-class support with onsite RxTE training, online tools and advisors to help you answer employee questions.

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