Options improve
employee health while saving money, too

An innovative approach to prescription
management boosts savings and drives
greater adherence

A new equation adds up to a better alternative

RxTE uses a one-of-a-kind algorithm to find you cost-saving therapeutic alternatives

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It’s all about the power of choice

Choice empowers both you and your employees. Where step therapy and closed formulary models mandate and restrict choice and access, RxTE offers real alternatives.

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We give you the tools you need

My Medicine Cabinet makes it easy to save and take care of what’s important.

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Why we’re different

  • Our Rx program is built around you

    We design and build a Rx benefit program specific to your plan and your member’s needs.
  • Works seamlessly with your existing Rx plan

    We work with your existing PBM and partner with their clinical review staff, providing onsite training and a smooth transition.
  • Empowers your employees

    Your employees and plan members get to choose their preferred prescriptions while saving on the most cost-effective, therapeutic equivalents
  • Savings right from the start

    RxTE’s proprietary method generates immediate savings for you and benefit plan members.

Our promise

  • Guaranteed savings year one
  • A team of experts dedicated to you
  • Support tailored to your needs
  • Transparent reporting
  • More prescription options for your employees
  • Secure data for you and your employees
  • Easy and efficient experience
  • No cost to you if you do not see savings